Services for Businesses

Removals Companies

Repair to damaged furniture caused during the removal process.

Repair to damp during storage.

Leasing Agents

Repair and restoration to furniture, worktops and woodwork caused by careless tenants.

Hotels, Pubs and Inns

Maintenance work for entrance panelling, stairs, bars and receptions as well as furniture.

A Daily Maintenance rate is available, which is a popular and economical choice for establishments with a lot of furniture and woodwork to have work carried out on.

Insurance Companies

Repair and restoration services for:

  • Flood Damage
  • Fire damage
  • Construction Industry
  • Snagging lists
  • Nail holes, scrapes and bashes

Cabinet Maker

Bespoke Finishes / Colour Match / High quality paint finishes suitable for kitchens and bathroom cabinets.