Services for Private Customers

So you use your table to eat from, your coffee table to rest your cup on, your plant stand to stand your plant on? You love your furniture for its function as well as for the design or the sentimental value. Then its likely to have picked up one of the following from the list below:

  • Heat rings
  • Water marks
  • Surface scratches and scuffs
  • Breaks
  • Bashes

That’s where I can help.

Or have  you recently  re-decorated? New flooring, wallpaper or furniture, but now your skirting boards, doors and door-frames look out of place. Well I can help with that too, matching new doors and skirting to the existing wood or matching your old doors and skirting to your new décor.

Or maybe your furniture, stairs, doors or even wall panels just need a little TLC? I can put the life back into them, restoring their natural shine and beauty, with a clean, wax and polish.

Often the work can be carried out in your home for the least amount of inconvenience possible, however an uplift and delivery service is also available.